Am I allowed to bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are very welcomed to our property. Please do note that we have upstairs neighbours and do ask that dogs who are visiting are not left alone for long periods in the property day or night. We have lots to see and do as well as places to eat locally that are dog-friendly.

What pets are allowed?

We allow dogs of all shapes and sizes, however, due to dogs being on site we do not allow other pets as they may become stressed throughout their stay

Are there any fields locally to walk the dogs around?

Yes, we are very fortunate to have many dog-friendly areas nearby, both walking and driving distance. I have made a welcome pack which is located next to the sofa in the front room and I have listed the best ones and where they are located

Do you have an enclosed outdoor area suitable to let dogs off?

We have a back garden which is fully enclosed. Please don’t forget that other guests will be using the garden so don’t forget to pick up your dog’s mess and pop it in the bins in the car park