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STARTER HOMES represent the obvious sector within which to develop housing, it is the part of the market where there is a current shortage, and subsequently strong demand and fluidity. The notion to 'fly the nest' and get on the housing ladder is engrained into our culture, and long may it be this way, for it is the main reason that we operate in this sector.


Company director Gareth Bertram has been developing property since 2000 and today manages a business that is developing properties across up to 10 sites in the South East at any one time. By diversifying into many sites the risks associated with development are reduced and by keeping to a low number of homes per site the risk is further reduced. Gareth has a 20 year background of working in financial services and this has helped him to understand how and where to look for risk and how to mitigate this to the benefit of investors. The business model of sticking to small developments across many sites has proven successful for over a decade and with a 100% repayment record, investors continue to return year after year. This is highlighted by the number of 5 star reviews that can be found on google and Facebook.


How is success achieved for the company and ultimately investors? It all starts long before development property or land is bought or an offer even placed with the agents marketing it. We achieve success by researching thousands of properties every month from our desktops in the office. We use public information on planning portals, the land registry, google earth and other property price research tools. We then pick the handful where there is the potential for development and then consider the profitability of each. The laborious task of reviewing these properties for has proved successful as each month we purchase profitable new developments that even the estate agents selling the properties fail to spot. Our open-mindedness to design and thorough knowledge of planning regulations has made us leaders in this market place. If there was one word that would sum up the reason to invest with John Charles Property Investments, it is Experience.

Gareth Bertram



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Contact us on 01235 355 989 or email enquiries@johncharlespropertyinvestments.co.uk

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