What are the House rules?

House rules are as follows

  • No smoking – also don't discard your cigarettes in the house rubbish bins. They get stinky
  • No parties, no outside visitors, no overnight guests without previous approval from your host
  • Do not engage in illegal activities anywhere on the property
  • If you break or damage something, please let your host know and arrange for its replacement or repair
  • Do not leave any food out that will attract uninvited pests. Our home is pest-free, and we intend to keep it that way with your help
  • Please clean the kitchen if you do use it
  • Clean up after your dogs
  • Keep noise to a minimum after 10 pm
  • Please note that on occasion, we may leave consumables such as condiments or snacks left behind by previous guests if they are not empty. We try our very best to ensure that these are within their use-by dates. Please use these if you wish
  • Please do not rearrange our furniture
  • If guests are found to have had a party without the host’s permission which results in extra cleaning, guests will be charged for extra cleaning costs and in the unfortunate event of the disruptions alerting neighbour’s, guests will be asked to vacate the property immediately.
  • If guests are suspected of carrying and/or using illegal drugs of any kind, the authorities will be notified, and guests will be asked to vacate the property immediately.
  • Lastly, because this is an Airbnb community, not a hotel, please be respectful of the property and keep it clean before you leave. Please respect our property and our things

How many people can stay in the property?

The property is suitable to hold a maximum of 4. Please note that if you are looking to bring more than 4 guests your reservation will be cancelled

Am I allowed to host a party/gathering at the property?

Due to neighbours in close proximity we do not allow parties or gatherings of any size out of respect to our neighbours